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Top Ten Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks in The World

In the collective culture, the drink that is rooted deeply is whisky and it offers eternal happened to the lovers of alcoholic beverage. With time, refinements have been done in the alcoholic beverage to turn it in the form that is more sophisticated and has enhanced taste. These are the reasons making the drinks highly prices and valuable. We are here with the list of Top ten most expensive alcoholic drinks in the world that the alcohol lovers can consider.

Chateau d’Yquem-

In France’s Bordeaux region, wines were prepared by the person named d’Yquem who was the wine producer. For about 300 years, the former’s generations survived and were in operation. This is the best wine that got flawless 100 by Robert Parker, the wine connoisseur. For getting this best whiskey, one has to pay an enormous amount of $130,000.

Penfolds Ampoule-

This is the option for those who prefer red wine in comparison to white wine while they prefer paying money to drink. Andrew Barlett is the man who has designed the wooden case in which this wine comes.

Bombay Sapphire Revelation-

This is the best alcohol beverage worth $200,000. Five exclusive bottles have been designed by Karim Rashid, the popular artist. These bottles were ornamented with sapphires and diamonds and were prepared with crystal that was hand cut. The refined and exquisite taste of this premium quality rum is created by the combination of 10 botanic ingredients.

Tribute to Honor:

This is the best whisky that is created with admixture of the rarest offerings of Royal Salute. The age of the youngest of these was 45 years. For those who can spend great money to enjoy best whisky, the option that serves to be truly luxurious is Tribute to Honor.

Dalmore 62-

This is the Scotch whisky that is second most expensive in the list of expensive whiskeys ever in the world. Just 12 bottles have been ever produced of this whisky. There is a day by day increment in the price of this bottle that is unopened.

Armand de Brignac-

Ace of Spades is another popular name of this drink. This drink comes in the bottle of enormous size that accounts for its price. The bottle that accommodates this drink is a 100 pounds and 30 liter one. Flavor Flav is the man who has designed this bottle.

Macallan 64

This is the whisky that holds a place in The Guinness World Record and is the costliest whisky that has been sold ever. A crystal kind of bottle holds this whisky and to get it, one has to pay the amount of over $460,000.

Diva Vodka-

This is the costliest Vodka that worth $1,000,000 and ha the taste like the remover of nail polish. This drink is distilled thrice. First it passes via ice, then via Nordic Birch Charcoal and finally via precious gems and sand.

Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne

This is world’s rarest cofnacs and since 1776, this has been produced. The bottle is immersed in sterling platinum that is covered by 6,500 diamonds and 24 carat gold. Look of the bottle of this expensive drink is little like flamboyant.

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