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10 Most Famous Cocktail Drinks

The mixed alcoholic drinks having two ingredients or even more than that is known as cocktail and it is one of the best drinks used in the parties and special occasions to make the night exceptional. As compared to the other alcoholic drinks, cocktail is the drink that is generally more preferred by women. This is on the account of tranquil, drinking experience offered by this. We are here with the list of 10 most famous cocktail drinks that are preferred by people round the world and how they


This the famous cocktail drink prepared with vermouth and gin with lemon garnishing. 2:1 is the ratio in which lemon are mixed for preparing this cocktail that is counted among the best drinks in the world. The origin of this drink is believed to be dated back to 19th century.


This is the popular drink from Cuba and is prepared with the help of 5 ingredients. These are mint, lime juice, sugar, sparkling water and rum. Rum is the main alcohol in this cocktail. With several variations available this cocktail is one of the nest drinks to make the occasion special.


This is one of the famous Vodka drinks as it is used in the preparation of Cosmopolitan. Cranberry juice, triple sec and sweetened juice of freshly squeezed lime are the other ingredients used in the preparation of this vodka.


This is another famous cocktail drink that is counted in leading Tequila drinks as its main alcohol base is Tequila. Lemon juice or lime and triple sec are the other ingredients of this drink and it is generally served with salt on edge. This could be served with or without ice or with ice blend.


This cocktail is based on whisky and also contains bitters and sweet vermouth. Canadian whisky, Tennessee whiskey, rye, blended whiskey and bourbon are the whiskies that are generally used in this. Dr. Iain Marshall is the man behind the invention of this cocktail.

Old fashioned:

This is another famous name in the list of best drinks and is prepared using brandy or whiskey. With bitters, sugar is muddled with brandy or whiskey. Cocktail cheery or orange twist are the garnished that are commonly used for this drink.


This is Brazilian national cocktail and is prepared with sugar, lime and cachaca. Sugar is muddled together with the fruit for preparing this drink and then liquor is added to it.

Mai Tai:

This is the drink based on rum and includes lime juice, liqueur and Curacao as the oether ingredients. The invention of this drink is dated back to 1944 and man behind its invention is Victor J. Bergeron. This is the drink that is popular among those people as well who prefer Vodka drinks or Tequila drinks.

Pina Colada:

Founded in 19th century, this is another popular name in the list that is based on rum. Other ingredients are coconut milk, pineapple juice and it served shaken with ice.


Citrus juice, rum and sugar are the ingredients used in this drink and it is available in several variations. This is also very popular in the cocktail world and is therefore in the list of 10 most famous cocktail drinks.

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