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Zurich – The Prettiest City Of Switzerland

The largest city in Switzerland, Zurich has something for almost every type of traveler. For instance, people interested in history will find that the city has over 50 museums and galleries for art lovers. There are numerous clubs and hot spots for those who enjoy a night out after exhausting days exploring the city. In fact, the city hosts one of the lit street parties in Europe known as the Street Parade.

With unparalleled views, great shopping districts, copious amounts of souvenirs, the city is full of interesting things to experience. Speaking of souvenirs, Zurich has numerous shops all well-stocked to give you the ultimate shopping experience in Swiss brands. The city has grown to be a contemporary city in the fashion sector.

7 Zurich Fun Facts worth of your attention!

Swiss financial capital and the largest city, but not the capital of Switzerland. Yes, we are talking about Zurich, one of the top five places to live! Chocolate, cheese and Roger Federer are probably your top associations with Zurich. To help you expand your Zurich knowledge read about our top 7 Zurich fun facts.

#1 Buying bottled water is a waste of money in Zurich

Switzerland is one of the countries with the cleanest drinking water! In Zurich there are over 1,200 drinking fountains on almost every corner of the city. Drinking fountains are a part of the Swiss standard, public resource for the benefit of everyone.

#2 Zurich is a hot spot for research and development

Many international corporations have branches in Zürich. Google has their largest European office in downtown Zurich. Disney Research is located just a few minutes from Zurich’s center.

#3 A bowl of Zurich for breakfast aka “Muesli”

In 1904 Max Bircher-Benner founded a clinic focused on a raw nutrition. Doctor Bircher-Benner was convinced that the sun infuses healing powers into plants, and they could be therapeutical for his patients. Bircher-Benner prescribed twice daily meals made of apples, oats, nuts, lemon and condensed milk. A short story how “Bircher Müesli”, short “Muesli”, was born!

#4 The largest techno street party in Europe

Zurich is often stereotyped as city with very strict rules. You would never guess, but this city holds a major event every year in August, where millions of people fill the streets of Zurich to party at Street Parade, the largest techno parade in Europe.

#5 One of the Happiest Cities in the World

Several surveys have been conducted finding that Zurich is the best city in the world in terms of quality of life. People in Zurich feel they have social support, a healthy life expectancy and freedom to make life choices. It is also a Europe’s richest city and with a low tax rate perfect place for a business’s base.

#6 Zurich has a museum that is dedicated to nothing

Every museum has a story to tell and it’s dedicated to something but Zurich has a museum that is dedicated to nothing, the No Show Museum. Its purpose is to display how nothing has been made noticeable over time through art. Here the quote from the museum’s information page about their concept to help you understood what No Show Museum is about:

“In this age of information, where daily we are flooded with images and noise, moments of quietude, emptiness, and self-chosen silence become more and more important. Many artists respond to this mass-media sensory overload with a range of strategies that reduce, empty, decelerate, or take on an attitude of complete refusal that is more than just a mere artistic gesture. Better NOTHING than such a thing!”

#7 Zurich is the proud owner of the largest church clock in Europe

Situated right in the heart of the old town, a medieval church tower with Europe’s largest church clock is part of the St. Peter’s Church. The outer diameter of clock is 8.64 meters, the minute hand has 5.73 meters, and the hour hand 5.07 meters.

Places To Visit In Zurich

  • Old Town
  • Uetliberg
  • Lake Zürich and Bürkliplatz
  • Kunsthaus Zürich (Museum of Fine Arts)
  • Bahnhofstrasse and the Bahnhof
  • Fraumünster
  • Lindenhof
  • Limmatquai and the Rathaus (Town Hall)
  • Schweizerisches Landesmuseum (Swiss National Museum)
  • Grossmünster (Great Minster)

Best Restaurants In Zürich

  • Restaurant les Halles
  • Kronenhalle
  • Italia
  • Volkshaus
  • Iroqouis


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