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5 Signs You Are An Actual Foodie

Food is a thing that brings joy to one and all. Through food, all barriers and borders can be broken and the food is something that keeps everyone together. Well, food is one of the basic necessities of life but for some, it is a form of art or passion. A true foodie is someone who is passionate not just about eating new types of dishes but are interested to know about all the things concerning the dishes. A true foodie is someone who is extremely passionate and ardent about food who eats new dishes not just out of hunger but out of extreme interest and passion for the food. The words like “gastronome” and “gourmand” are also used to define a foodie. Thus how to find out whether you are a true foodie or not. Below I have listed five points which will help you to decide whether you are a true foodie or not –

  1. What is the extent of your knowledge regarding food? Are you enough food-wise? Generally speaking, a foodie knows more about food in general than the normal person. Every time he/she tries a new dish or cuisine, they try to learn about every fact that is available about that particular dish or cuisine. The ingredients, the methods of preparing the dish, its origin, the history surrounding the dish – all these information are acquired by a foodie. According to CNN, a true foodie has been defined as someone who’s culinary knowledge makes him different from the average individual. Well, if you are someone who matches this description, then there is a high probability that you are a foodie.
  2. Are you super obsessed with Masterchef? – Well, some of us are so obsessed with food that we love watching all the culinary shows on television or on the net. You start streaming the episodes as soon as they are released. And you keep a track of all entertainment programmes that center around the culinary world. Some foodie claim that Masterchef is more important to them than Game of Thrones or Sherlock. So if you find similarities with your personality, then you are on the path of being proclaimed as a foodie.
  3. Are you looking to plan for what you will eat on a vacation rather than what you will visit during a vacation? Well, some people plan for the food that they are going to have while on a vacation. They research the cuisine of the place where they will visit and then make it a point to try all those dishes.
  4. Are you a member of most of the restaurants in your city? Well, most foodie will love to be the first to try out the newest dishes and cuisines in town. They invite you to taste the new menu and give you the best offers. Well, now you have reached the penultimate step of being a foodie.
  5. Social media is the last step towards becoming the ultimate foodie. If you are sharing more pictures of food and dishes rather than of yourself, then congratulations my friend, you are officially a true  foodie.
Balaji Subramaniam

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