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Food Secrets You Must Know

Do you know why carbonated sodas are addictive? Do you really eat the food as shown in the advertisement? Here are some food secrets that the food industry doesn’t want you to know.


Did you ever notice the commercials concentrating much on the crunchiness of the food? Research states that more the noise the better the taste. So they do all tricks to make the food crunchier.  We often think that oda food is crunchy then it’s fresh. So they add chemicals and cook it in an unhealthy way to make it crunchy.

It melts in your mouth:

Have you ever tasted a food that just melts in your mouth? Sounds magical and yummy right? Our brain often thinks that these are of low calories and doesn’t stop you from eating more. Oh dear!

The bliss point:

Do you know they actually add salt to your sweets? Most of our taste buds are for sweet taste. So we tend to get more sugar from our food. Scientists found out a phenomenon called as the bliss point, which is the perfect amount of combination of sweet and salt which leaves us wanting more and that we don’t get satisfied easily.

Low sugar. No sugar:

So here is the heart breaking food secret revealed. Actually these products contains sugar in the usual levels but the sugar is added in a different name, example high fructose corn syrup or fruit concentrate.

Tip- In any grocery store, the sugary products are always kept at eye level. They have high salt, sugar and fat. The ones which are healthy are either low for reach or high for reach.

Today’s special:

Is actually not the special. It is probably the dish they want to get rid of as it wasn’t sold fastly. Now that you know the food secret, you are better aware the next time the waiter approaches you with a speciality dish.

French fries:

There are so many food secrets related to this one so popular dish. These are not fresh as it claims to be. They stay under the heat lamp until they are sold. If you want fresh ones ask for it without salt as mostly they are salted.

 Fake advertisements:

Most of the videos and the pictures of food in advertisements do not use the real food products. For example they use glue instead of milk in cereals advertisements. What more they paint the burgers to look fresh.


Processed foods are unhealthy. What you see in advertisements are not real. Food is commercialised here in the markets and healthy foods have become hard to find. We must be aware of what we are eating. Kids are the most vulnerable. The free products such as toys are the baits for the junk they supply in return. The colorful advertisements are also a trap in which adults fall. So next time you buy something look into the ingredients. Be aware of what you are consuming.

Balaji Subramaniam

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