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Five Facts About Momos

Have you speculated about the course of Momo? Ever wondered where it came from? If you think of it, Momo snack has plausibly ventured the furthermost of all the foods and is now perfectly at home on the streets of most of the Indian cities, as it is enjoyed at high class restaurants. This only endorses how these delightful dim sums, stuffed either with minced meat or your specific choice of assorted greens have emerged over the years. India, despite of not being the country of its origin, has lovingly embraced it like it’s very own sometimes giving it interesting twists.

How are momos really made?

Momo is prepared by rolling out a dough into slim circles and planting a small amount of filling made out of either minced meat or assorted vegetables. Once the filling is placed on the crust, the entire thing is folded and shut in a particular way to keep the filling in. Lastly, the momos are steamed in a steamer until the crust is no longer gooey.

Here are five facts about your favourite street food: Momo snack

  1. Origin – The dish has a Tibetan origin and with the displacement of Tibetans it has spread of the neighbouring countries as they settled in the hill town of West Bengal and the North Eastern states. Primitively, the filling of the dish was usually Yak meat due to the shortage of vegetables in Tibet. However, after it’s journey to India, it was customised in a vegetarian form to feed a larger population of vegetarians.
  2. The shape matters: The filling of the Momo snack can be determined by the shape of it. Veg momos are shaped like a half-moon while non-vegetarian momos are round. This helps the vendors in differentiating between the two.
  3. They are not all steamed: Along with different shapes, Momo snack also comes in different types. Steamed momos are the most famous one. Along with steamed momos, there are deep fried momos, pan fried momos and chilly momos, made specially for people who enjoy a little spice in their life.
  4. Sides: Momos are authentically served with a hot chutney made of boiled tomatoes and dried red chilly and a clear soup of vegetable or meat broth called Thukpa. In the streets of Delhi, you will be served momo with ketchup and mayonnaise while in Mumbai you will be served momos with Schezwan sauce.
  5. Momo festivals: Due to its vast popularity in India, there are events specially dedicated to momos. These festivals are most famous in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata. Momos here are fused with various cuisines which gives birth to Tandoori Momo, Chocolate Momo, Momo burgers, etc.

Whether you prefer to dip, dunk, bite or devour it whole and no matter where they come from, Momo snack will always be our most loved comfort and soul food. If you were not hungry before, I’m sure this article succeeded in doing so. So go ahead and treat yourself with some delicious Momo.


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