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5 Best Hill Stations In Europe

Undulating delight as you move towards the hills can be experienced perpetually.  A pure retreat, great air quality, ambiance and much more that is unsaid makes the visit worthwhile. With the world coming closer, let us take a look at the 5 best Hill Stations in the World and plan a cozy holiday.

1. Wengen, Switzerland

Requiring no introduction, Switzerland is the place for romance. Envisioning a time of mirth and joy will become manifold when the destination is Wengen. Amidst Alps and greens, there is no looking back when you visit this superbly divine hill station. The chimera of this place is unlikely to be seen anywhere else in the world as you go hiking and trekking with your partner.

What makes Wengen the best hill station?

Wengen is a car-free area, no roads are leading there. So you have to leave your car in the parking and explore this beautiful place by train, cableway and walk. And that makes this place more relaxing with all facilities.

Best Time To Visit:

The best time to visit this mesmerizing hill station is between May to October when the greens are at their best.

How To Reach:

Take a 15 minutes ride on the cogwheel train up to Wengen after you have seen Lauterbrunnen.

Things to do:

Enjoy the Skiing in the Alpine Mountains. Enjoy the days hiking and nights enjoying the warmth of your snugly hotel.

Safety and Precautions:

Avoid any activity in night.

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2. Innsbruck, Austria

If adventure thrills you, Innsbruck would sweep of your two feet literally. Enjoy sports like skiing in this beautifully structured city where the contemporary and the conventional structures amalgamate to give you the rudimentary and urban feel at the same time.

The lovely hues of the various storeyed houses, clad with white snow is a treat to the eyes. Ruling over the majestic alpine with your skiing equipment will fill you with a sense of victory.

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What makes Innsbruck special?

Apart from the winter sports, mountains seeing and adventurous activities the Christmas Market under dark blue sky makes it special from other hill stations. During the colder months, you’ll get an amazing festive atmosphere in a snowy landscape. And the other one is a 20-minute ride of Cable Car at Austria Largest Natural Park allows you to witness the beauty of Innsbruck and the surrounding mountain.

When To Visit:

A popular winter destination, choose any time between December to April to see the weather Gods bless you with lots of snow.

How to Reach:

With Kranebitten airport about 4 kms from  Innsbruck, it is connected with most European countries.

Things to do:

Skiing, Snowballs in winter. Mountaineering in the summers.

Interesting Facts:

A mix of kingly and urban strucutre.

Safety and Precautions:

Do not miss the signboards while skiing on the Alps to avoid missing the way.

3. Bled, Slovenia

A nature’s galore, this is the place to be if greens and meadows are your idea of holidaying at a hill station. It is here that you can replenish your energies and probe your inner self to metamorphose into a new being, more energized one!

The lovely Bled castle is a must-visit that reflects the history and is overlooking the lake. The infinite horizon of the lake during the sunset would make you lose your heart and even when you come back from Bled, Bled would still remain a cardinal part of you.

Weather & Packing Tips

Visit the meadows and this lovely place in Slovenia between May and September. Pack sweatshirts, and light sweaters.

How to Reach:

You may take a train from Lesce, and then a bus to the lake as the station is distanced at 4.5 km.

Things to do:

Spend a night at the Lake Bled, Visit Bled Castle and enjoy the view. For food indulgence, try the cream cake! Besides the castle, enjoy the trekking trails including Pokljuka Plateau trek and Triglav National Park trek that is amidst the lush green mountains that would credit your eyes with more scenic views of the city.

Interesting Facts:

Lake Bled was created by fairies and is the only island in Slovenia.

Where to Stay:

Vila Rajska ptica, Apartmaji Agenzia

Safety and Precautions:

Do not leave any belongings in the car to avoid any care theft. Be wary of petty thefts

4. Val di Funes, Italy

The various hues of greens in the valley would immerse you in the admiration that you have for nature. The waving landscape that is full of lovely greens would allow you to enjoy trekking trails such as Gardena Pass, Plose and Puez Geisler Nature Park.

The Ski Slopes like the Dolomite Super Ski and Seceda are some of the lovely trails that would enhance your trekking experience. With some churches at a stone’s throw, places like Bruggerhof, Kabishof, and Hotel Fines are some of the best hotels to stat when you are Val di Funes.

Best Time To Visit:

Tramping between May and October when you reach Val di Funes, you find yourself in one of the best hill stations in the world.

How to Reach:

Located in South Tyrol, use a car from either South or North to reach.

Things to do:

Explore Trekking trails, Visit Chiesetta di San Giovanni

Interesting Facts:

Home to Dolomites and natural woods.

Safety and Precautions:

It is a safe place.

5. Berchtesgaden, Germany

Berchtesgaden National Park boasts of this lovely place with historical evidence of world war II. This place offers wonderful places to eat with one offering Alpine views is the most scrumptious place to satiate your hunger.

Enjoy skiing during the winters and have an enthralling experience while you ditch the city experience and enjoy this over the edge experience. This place is a perfect blend of the village with modernity and hence lots of comforts.

Best Time To Visit:

This place offers sunny views between April and October and lovely snow-peaked mountains between November and March.

How to Reach:

Take a bus from Salzburg to reach Berchtesgaden.

Things to do:

Mountain top views, delicious food can be tried with amazing views.

Interesting Facts:

Rightly known as the Eagle’s Nest, this place was home to Hitler. Salt mines and scintillating lakes to UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Berchtesgaden National Park, this place offers a unique perspective as a traveler.

Safety and Precautions:

Very safe for travel.

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