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Balaji Subramaniam

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My name is Balaji but it will be better to call me a food lover who loves to travel for food. I am the person who likes to explore everything new and interesting related to foods. I love to cook, eat and explore wonderful places to enjoy great food experience. Food world is something that has attracted me from the very childhood and that has led me to grow on this field. My love for food has made me to opt for this field and I completed my B.Sc. in catering science and Hotel management. I have completed my B.Sc. from PSG College of arts and science, Coimbatore and am a resident of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

In this food blog, I will always try to share some of the top cuisines that are available round the world and are famous for one or the different thing. The best places to enjoy great taste will also be there. In short, I am on my way to make this food blog a complete treat for the food lovers. Everything form taste to technique will be discussed here. So let us immerse in the world of food and travel and explore the great taste spread round the world.

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